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  • Slat Cleaner running on the laser cutter slats

    LISEN™ Manufactuers Best Slat Cleaner for Laser Cutting Machine

    Looking after your laser cutter properly is one of the best ways to maximize its efficiency and productivity. One task that every operator needs to stay on top of is slat maintenance, making sure slats are clear of the slag that is formed and accumulates each time the laser cutter is used. Preventative maintenance and regular slat cleaning is the key to ensuring your laser cutter performs its best and produces high quality parts.Quality of cut parts improves as there is reduced slag build-up that causes the laser to bounce back and mar the bottom surface of the cut material.

    How to clean laser slats on laser cutting machine table ? Can we find one powerful tool instead of cleaning by hand? Can the tool operate without stopping laser cutting ? Can the tool work for all brands laser cutting machines, such as Trumpf, Amada, Bystronic, Mazak, HAN*S and so on? Our answer is YES, it's exactly what we are doing.


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    Unique Modular design,Patented product, high quality standard, CE certificated Laser slat cleaner

    Patented Laser slat cleaner

    Patent Certificate of LISEN laser slat cleaner

    unique design and patented product

    We focus on laser slat cleaner and optimize our design continuously. And we have our own unique shape, internal structure, executing units and other designs. All of these have achieved successful cleaning results in practical applications. We applied patent protection and got the patent certificate accordingly. To manufacture the best laser slat cleaner in the world is our mission. We have abilities and confidence to turn it into truth. Just try our amazing laser slat cleaner, believe you will be satisfied with it.

    CE Certificated Laser Slat cleaner

    CE certificate of LISEN laser slat cleaner

    Serve all our partners in the world with best laser slat cleaner

    We manufacture our LISEN laser slat cleaner with most strict standard. In the past years, our laser slat cleaner was popular among our customers in China. All of our customers are enjoying the cleaning results. LISEN laser slat cleaner makes laser slag no more one headache. We received great acceptance and when it's mature now, we would like to share our LISEN laser slat cleaner with the partners worldwide. It's time for you to try LISEN laser slat cleaner.

  • "It's totally different after we used LISEN Slat Cleaner instead of cleaning slag by hand. Removing tough slag and dross buildup from the cutting machine support surface quickly and easily. The tool can be operated by just one person and don't need stop laser cutter running. In addition to the quality improvement of our parts, we will also save costs by saving a lot of workhours and slat raw materials when changing them.We won't ever go back. "

    - Steve Wong, Fabrication Manager

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